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Detail Packages

At Beyond Excellent Detailing, we put the customer in the driver’s seat. We take the time to learn what concerns you have for your vehicle, assuring we address the areas that mean the most to you. We have popular detail packages you can choose from. If those don’t suit you, we can work together figuring out what would be best for you.

Basic Detail $150+

(+$50 for 3 row SUV’s, minivans, and trucks)

Our first detail option was designed to get the most bang for your buck at $150. We’ll spend 3-4 hours on your car getting it cleaned and protected. Our basic detail includes:

  • Interior floors and seats vacuumed thoroughly
  • Driver’s area and center console area will be cleaned using our detail brushes and a professional all purpose cleaner
  • Floor and floor mats lightly shampooed
  • Seats lightly shampooed
  • Headliner lightly cleaned
  • All glass cleaned
  • All vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces cleaned and protected
  • pH neutral decontamination hand wash
  • Wheels and tires cleaned and dressed
  • Hand dried
  • Door jams cleaned and dried
  • Durable Synthetic Wax on Paint
Excellent Detail $200+

(+$50 for 3 row SUV’s, minivans, and trucks)

Our most popular option includes everything in the Basic Detail plus:

  • Chemical decontamination with an Iron remover
    • Using an exterior decontamination spray after the wash and before protection is applied will get the tiniest contaminates off of your vehicle’s clear coat. This is typically done before using a clay bar, which will remove some of the larger debris that the iron remover misses.
  • Mechanical Decontamination with a clay bar.
    • Clay bars help to get small contaminates that are embedded into your vehicle’s clear coat. After the surface is treated with a clay bar and wax lubricant, your car will be buttery smooth to the touch. Your clear coat will also have a nice layer of protection on it to keep it smooth and hydrophobic (sheds and/or beads water rather than letting it sit on the surface).
  • Exterior trim dressed
  • Exterior glass gets synthetic wax applied to it to help deflect water and harmful elements
  • If there are a couple problem stains on seats or carpet, we’ll use the hot water extractor on them (this package does not include hot water extraction over all cloth surfaces).
Call us today to schedule your detail (859) 655-5833
Beyond Excellent Detail $350+

(+$50 for 3 row SUV’s, minivans, and trucks)

Our signature detail package. When you want your car to get the full treatment and feel new again, this is the option for you. We’ll spend extra time addressing all areas of your vehicle to ensure all concerns are addressed. This package includes everything in the Excellent Detail plus:

  • Light one step paint correction and synthetic wax applied with an electric buffer
    • One step paint correction and wax combinations are offered to help remove light to moderate scratches or swirl marks caused by car washes and/or wear & tear (typically 30-60% of defects) while going over the entire vehicle one time lightly. This will leave your car shining like new – feeling smoother than ever before. For a more in depth paint correction, see our paint correction services below.
  • All cloth seats, carpet, and floor mats are shampooed again with a hot water extractor to remove most stains (if not all) while also cleaning your vehicle on a deeper level.
  • All interior surfaces steam cleaned
  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed

Paint Correction

The process of removing light to moderate scratches from your clear coat

When your vehicle has a lot of light to moderate scratches from car washes or wear and tear, you need more than the light paint correction we offer in the Beyond Excellent Detail above. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t really “fill in” scratches. You have to safely remove a little bit of the clear coat, down to the level of the scratches, this will create the appearance that the scratches have disappeared. This is a potentially dangerous task with an untrained professional, if they take off too much clear coat, you have to repaint. At Beyond Excellent Detailing, our professionals will safely remove as little clear coat as necessary to get rid of those pesky scratches.

One step paint correction $200+:
  • Similar to the one step process offered in the Beyond Excellent Detail. We’ll use a one step paint correction, polish, and wax over the entire vehicle. More time is spent on the buffing and polishing, removing more of the defects than in the light version (typically 50% – 75% of defects).
Two step paint correction $400+:
  • If you’re getting your car show ready, or just meticulous about your vehicle, this may be the paint correction option for you. The two step correction adds a heavy compounding step to remove deeper scratches. Our trained professionals will remove as many defects as possible within reason. No one understands chasing perfection more than us detailers, but sometimes scratches are too deep and too severe to be safely removed. You can expect 85% – 95% of defects removed.

Paint Protection

Protect your investment with a professional Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is a semi-permanent protective layer applied to your vehicles paint. More durable than any wax or synthetic paint sealants, ceramic coatings can protect your vehicle for up to 5 years! In that time, you wont have to wax your vehicle to keep it protected, just wash regularly. With its high solid, high surface tension and low surface energy, not as much dirt, bird poop, and other contaminates will stick to the extremely slick surface. Water will bead up and sheet off the paint creating a self cleaning hydrophobic effect. the durable, hard layer will also help drastically to minimize scratching, fading from the sun, and give your car a constant gloss and shine that you probably haven’t seen your car have yet. There is only one way to remove a coating, manually with abrasion (compounding or sanding). This is an investment similar to switching to synthetic oil, higher cost up front, but better performance and saves you money in the long run by not having to wax every 2-6 months. In fact, with proper maintenance, you won’t have to wax ever again!

Because this product is semi-permanent, we recommend getting the two-step paint correction before having us apply a coating. Once you apply a coating, whatever defects are under it will be locked in and amplified for up to 5 years. This is not a huge issue with a new paint job or well maintained paint, but we don’t recommend skipping some form of paint correction for most vehicles, even if you only get the one-step correction.

One layer coating $400+:
  • When you want the best, but on a budget. We’ll put one layer of our professional ceramic coating on your vehicle. Good for up to two years of protection and gloss. This price does not include a paint correction.
Five layer coating $800+:
  • With 5 layers of our ceramic coating, your vehicle will be protected for up to 5 years from some micro scratches, bird poop, water, and other road debris that your car constantly comes in contact with. We recommend this package for new vehicles to protect your investment.

Other Services

Don't see what you're looking for above? Below are all other services we offer, feel free to build a detail around your specific needs.
Beyond Excellent Wash & Vacuum $50+

If you’ve already had a detail and are maintaining it, or just want a good wash and interior cleaning, this is the ideal starting point for you. You’ll get the same hand wash that our details receive, hand dry, wipe out door jams, clean the wheels, and shine & protect the tires. On the inside we will vacuum the floors and seats, clean vinyl surfaces, and all glass surfaces will be cleaned.

À La Carte Services:
  • Pet hair removal $40+
  • Headlight restoration $40+
  • Exterior trim restoration $20+
  • Engine bay detail $50+
  • Spot stain removal $25+
  • Exterior spray wax or synthetic sealant $30+

*Our listed prices serve as starting points for our services. We may have to charge more for heavily neglected vehicles that will take us longer to bring up to our standards.

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